Ways With Alphonso Mangoes

  • Peel, slice and eat on its own or with a good quality natural set yoghurt such as Onken. Greek yoghurt and cream are too heavy with this fruit – for my taste, at least.
  • Puree the flesh and make a mango fool with an equal quantity of crème fraiche (the low fat version is fine) and some lemon or lime juice. Serve with small gingery biscuits. In winter you can cheat and make this fool with the canned Alphonso pulp available in Asian grocers and big city supermarkets.
  • Chop the flesh and whiz in a blender with a banana or some strawberries and some apple juice for a gorgeously fragrant smoothie.
  • A bowl of sliced Alphonsoes topped with a scatter of blueberries and a good squeeze of lemon juice makes a princely dessert.
  • Blend with thick yoghurt and turn into ice cream – the flesh of the Alphonso is so sweet that there is no need for extra sugar.

TIP! You can make excellent salsas for fish and meat dishes with mangoes – simply cut into small cubes and combine with finely chopped red onion, chopped red chilli, and some chopped mint or fresh coriander. However, I think that the firmer, rather drier mangoes with pale yellow flesh from South America or the West Indies work rather better for this than the lush Alphonso.

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